Nacho Music Player plays all your audio files on your phone along with the audio editor feature. Yes, you heard it right. With the help of this astounding music player, you can trim or cut a song smoothly. With no efforts, you can trim your song by simply entering the exact time for where to start and where to end the song. Using the slider to cut a song makes it difficult to edit any song perfectly. So, after pondering about this common problem, we came up with the feature of inserting the exact time to cut a song, so that you can edit your song flawlessly.
This trending music app for android has it all. You can share any song with your friends easily. This music editing app also allows you to set any song as your ringtone. You can even trim the song to make a ringtone and set it easily without any hassle. One thing which will amaze you about this music player is that you can watch a video of a song directly on YouTube by clicking on the video icon. The best thing about Nacho Music Player is that its free for android users. Doesn’t that sound amazing? You can enjoy this best song editing app for free!!


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Now let’s go into the key features of the Nacho Music Player App

Easily cut/trim any song or audio file of your phone.
A ringtone maker – You can set any song as your ringtone.
Watch video of any song directly on YouTube with the help of a single click.
Create your own playlist.
Search songs swiftly
You can mark your favorite songs and find it easily in the favorites folder
You can know the most played songs and recently added songs on your mobile.
Rename any song
You can play any song on repeat mode
Shuffle songs
Super easy user-interface.
Share any audio/song file easily
It has an equalizer too.

This trendy music player runs in the background so that you can continue using other applications on your mobile. Download this best music editing app for free and enjoy your leisure time with the Nacho Music player. This song cutter app will never disappoint you. So, what are you waiting for?Hurry up and download this ringtone maker app now!!!!

Experience the music at its best and NACHO with Nacho Music Player.

Be the first to get the app!

Be the first to get the app!

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